return policy

How to care for asum bags

return & exchange policy

In general, there are no returns (through or  Please understand that as a very small independent designer, I simply cannot afford the generous return policies that large businesses can take on.  With that said, please do email me at to best resolve any dissatisfactions individually. I value my supporters and customers very much--it is my absolute pleasure to serve you as an artist.

If the item shipped is in error or reasonably faulty, please contact me at within 2 weeks of the order arrival.  I will attempt to replace the item to the best of my abilities.

Exchanges are possible depending on the circumstances and stock availibility and must be made within 2 weeks of order arrival. All additional exchange shipping costs will be charged. Please begin by contacting me at with the request.

I appreciate your support in my small business and me as an independent artist. My creative work is not possible without an audience that appreciates it--it is truly my pleasure to serve you the best way I can.